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Hire Caretakers For Your Software

Free up your time and resource by hiring our reliable IT team for support and maintenance of your software and cloud infrastructure.
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Services Overview

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Scheduled Maintenance

Always stay on top of possible issues through consistent, scheduled maintenance routines.

Cloud Platform Support

Hire AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure certified professional to solve problems related to the Amazon cloud.

Software Maintenance Support

Identify and fix bugs in time before they lead to loss of data, or customer trust.

Network Monitoring

Keep a check on unwanted network activities, traffic, or access through our network monitoring service.

Server Mainentance

Eliminate customer frustration and ensure maximum uptime for your software products.

Migration Services

Hire us to easily migrate on-premise data to the cloud, or switch between different cloud services

Be Prepared. Keep Your Software Up & Running, Always

Our goal is to ensure no downtime and monitor possible issues that can lead to a disrupted experience.
Managed Services Canada

Experts In All Major Cloud Platforms


Hire certified AWS cloud engineers who help you navigate the cloud with ease.
Enterprise IT
Storage & Backup

Google Cloud Platform

Hire certified professionals who make it a breeze to work on Google’s cloud get the most out of it.
Storage & Backup

Microsoft Azure

Hire certified professionals with exntensive experience in setting up and managing your work on Azure cloud.
Enterprise IT
Storage & Backup
Managed Services Netherlands

Secure your software from unexpected issues and downtime

Tech Capability Details

Our Range Of Tech Stacks

From front-end with React, to cloud management with AWS, our teams are prepared for a range of technologies.

Cloud and IT

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Database Managment

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Software Documentation

For the record

Extensive and detailed documentation across the board to help you track and record how we build your software.
Requirements Stage
The first stage of our process focuses on gathering your requirements correctly, creating a detailed project initiation and management plan, followed by various other specification documents.
  1. Project Initiation Document
  2. Project Management Plan
  3. User Requirement Specifications
  4. Functional Requirement Specifications
  5. System Requirement Specifications
Design Stage
At the second stage of our process, we will design your software's backend components like architecture, systems, databases, and front-end components like interactive prototypes.
  1. System Design & Architecture
  2. ERD + Database Design
  3. Prototyping
Implementation Stage
The third stage of our process focuses on implementation, assisted by different documentation formats.
  1. User Manual + Guide
  2. Operation Manual (Technical)
  3. Application Source Code
Verification Stage
The fourth stage of our process focuses on quality assurance so we can confidently ship products of unmatched quality.
  1. Testing Plan
  2. Testing Scripts
  3. Testing Results
  4. User Acceptance Testing
  5. System Integration Testing
Maintenance Stage
The final stage of our process focuses on training your teams to understand the software we build together so you can comfortably navigate through maintenance.
  1. Functional Training
  2. Technical Training
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Video walkthroughs of documentation for enterprises: available on request.

6 Steps Of The Lifecycle

We use proven development methodologies to build software in a structured way that ensures top quality and results.


We set up a meeting with you to discover your needs, and gather your requirements.


We’ll create a plan to outline the steps and set up a timeline for project completion.

Design & Development

We set up a meeting with you to discover your needs, and gather your requirements.

Monitoring & Controlling

We keep you up-to-date with important information as we continue developing the project..

Closing & Documentation

Once you're satisfied with the project, we begin closing and documentation handover.

Maintenance & Support

Our support extends past development, so we can help you with critical maintenance work.

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