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Alpha Raven is the best choice for sellers on Amazon who want to blast their way to page one for specific keywords.
3 months
6 developers
Design, Development
Amazon Seller Tools
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Automated High Quality
Product Reviews Tool for Amazon

We improved their blast dashboard and workflow, category-based reviewer modules, automated communications, and check-out payment experience.

Problems Solved

On top of fixing old issues, Alpha Raven wanted to build new features to notify users across different channels in one go, improve their tool's blacklisting module and reviewer point system, create editable email templates, and easily edit orders from the admin side.
Lack of Features
Buggy Modules
Outdated Codebase

Engineering a System for Multiple Reviewer Types

Alpha Raven has three different reviewer types, and we built a different module for each of them: VIP, Flagged, and Blacklisted. We paired these modules with a Reviewer Point System, where each time a reviewer fulfils or fails to complete a blast on time, they receive one count of a VIP point or a Blacklist point respectively.
This new system makes it easier to automatically manage all types of reviewers and their performance.
alpha raven feature one
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Data Visualisation and Workflows

We developed features that create dynamic blast-based dashboards, and added four workflow options based on client requirements. This allows the admin to measure blast performance and deliver specific experiences to both reviewers and clients.

Payment Lists

To ensure that the number of reviewers tally correctly with the payment list, we did the following:
- We used a red colour indicator for deleted or blacklisted reviewers. 
- We added a Reviewer Status parameter and filter to check Accepted, Blacklisted, and Deleted reviewers in the payment list.
- We added a payment cut-off time so users can be clearly segregated for day wise payment lists.

This led to an improved flow of carrying out reviewer payments.
alpha raven feature three
alpha raven feature four

Better Notifications and Mail Timelines

Along with notification delays, Alpha Raven reviewers were getting blacklisted because there wasn’t enough time to complete a blast. We improved the notification system so it can properly function in all development and production environments, and increased the timelines for each workflow.
These changes led to an increase in reviewer count, and decrease in blacklist count.
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UX Overhaul Powered by
Feature Upgrades

Improvement Areas
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Payment Processing
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User Flow
Email Templates
New Features
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Workflow Types
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Data Visualisation
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Dynamic Dashboard
Improvement Areas
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Payment Processing
User Flow
Email Templates
New Features
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Workflows Types
Data Visualisation
Dynamic Dashboard

How We Did It

Corrected UX and Data Usage
We used color psychology to mark unqualified reviewers and used data segregation to generate consistent payouts for reviewers.

A big part of improving the UX was done by understanding gaps in user flow for both reviewers and admin, and properly implemented third-party services to improve notifications.
Standardized Processes
We used the Agile Methodology to build new features for Alpha Raven. Our process included requirement gathering, followed by benchmarking, development, cloud setup, QA & testing, and proper documentation.
Tools Used
We used the Yii Framework, MySQL database, AWS E2, Twilio, and Sendgrid for this project.
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Yii Framework
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What We Did

  • Research
  • Solution Strategy
  • Back-end Development
  • Bug Fixing
  • QA and Software Testing
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  • Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • DevOps
  • QA and Software Testing

Key Features

Cross-check for Blacklisting
Each new reviewer’s details are cross-checked with the current list of users for similarities like email. Once a similarity is found, the admin is notified to cross-check manually and approve/reject user applications. This feature ensures clean data and quality results for clients.
We built a notification system that will trigger SMS and email notifications simultaneously once a new blast is created. This will keep users from missing out on review opportunities, and increase ROI for Alpha Raven clients.
Blast Dashboards
We developed a feature that creates a dynamic dashboard for each blast to help admins view overall performance of each blast.
Multiple Blast Workflows
Alpha Raven provides admins four different workflows while creating a blast, and the admin can select one based on client requirements.

- Original Workflow
- VIP Workflow
- VIP and Active Workflow
- VIP and Active Conditional Workflow
Market Relevance

Top Choice for Amazon Sellers

Alpha Raven is a cost-effective and top preferred tool by Amazon sellers who want to 2X-3X their sales by ranking on top for keywords related to their product listing - all through safe and high-quality user reviews generated by organic efforts.
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Highlights of this Project

Dyanmic Dashboards for Admin
Reviewer Payment Processing
New Workflow Options
Notification Delivery System
Version Upgrades