Merch Ninja

MerchNinja is a research tool for Merch by Amazon products that lets merch sellers research trends, sales, designs, keywords, and trademark words.
3 months
6 developers
Typescript, JavaScript
Design, Development
Amazon Seller Tools
About The Project

Research Revolution for Amazon Merch

We built MerchNinja 2.0 by redesigning their dashboard, building a new Market Sentiment feature, updating Keepa API integration, adding Chargebee, updating their UX and UI, and making tons of improvements to their software.

Problems Solved

MerchNinja was performing inefficiently due to old scripts, a cluttered database design, and a UX/UI design that needed an upgrade.

To compete better with other players in the market, it required third-party design suggestions, an events calendar, more research options, and a better payment experience.
Inefficient Codebase
Cluttered Database Design
Obsolete UX/UI design

Script and
API Updates

MerchNinja uses Typescript and JavaScript for their core functionality, along with Keepa API for product information.
We updated all their scripts to the latest versions, improved their compatibility, and updated the Keepa API integration to include more Merch by Amazon products.
script and api updates merchninja
merch ninja case study image

Curation and
Design Ideas

MerchNinja was missing important curation features and admins couldn’t share recommendations, favorites, or category-based ideas.
For the admin side, we made it easier to edit trends, and added new list types called Niche and Sub-niche so they can curate the most searched designs through these lists for MerchNinja users to see.

For the users, we added a public favourites page where they can store their favourite designs, and a third-party integration with ThreadBasket for design inspiration.

Redesigning the UX

For UX improvements, we added infinity scrolling, easier navigation, a static sidebar menu, and various other upgrades.
We redesigned their entire UI with a new Ninja Cyborg theme, and added new dashboard components like: 

- Best Sellers Rank Ticker
- Market Sentiment Index
- Blogs Section 
- Roadmap
- Version History
case study screenshot of merch ninja
case study screenshot of merch ninja

Improved Research

Users can utilise Amazon search and Google trends data directly from MerchNinja while researching complete details of keywords.
We powered MerchNinja 2.0 with a trademark keyword research feature and ASIN tracking for monitoring changes in any product.

How It Was Built

Code and Design Overhaul
This project required more than a few simple improvements. To leave their competition behind, we had to design and build MerchNinja 2.0. This required studying and learning from their competition, adding innovative new features that were missing in the market, and making design improvements based on user feedback.
Standardized Processes
We used Agile to build new features for MerchNinja. Our process included discovery, followed by development, cloud setup, QA & testing, and proper documentation.
Technologies Used
Typescript, JavaScript, and GitHub.
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Work Overview

Good-as-new Design, and
Feature Upgrades

Improvement Areas
Payment System
ParticleByte iconParticleByte icon
Admin Daashboard
ParticleByte iconParticleByte icon
Keepa Integration
Databse Design
New Features
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Keyword Research
Research Revolution for Amazon Merch
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Market Sentiment Index
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Events Calendar
Improvement Areas
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Payments System
Admin Dashboard
Keepa Integration
Database Design
New Features
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Keyword Research
Market Sentiment Index
Events Calendar

What We Did

  • Full Stack Develpoment
  • New Feature Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • UX Design
illustration of a woman holding a laptop standing with a manillustration of a woman holding a laptop standing with a man
  • Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • DevOps
  • QA and Software Testing

Key Features

Keyword Research
This feature allows users to find top performing sellers for their search terms, with estimated search volume data, enlisted designs under a search term - all clearly shown through data visualisation.
Keyword Analytics
This feature allows users to find top performing sellers for their search terms, with estimated search volume data, enlisted designs under a search term - all clearly shown through data visualisation.
Trademark Check
Save yourself from possible legal trouble by keeping a check on trademark words. Users can check for trademarks within entire listings or a single keyword, and even set up email alerts to monitor certain keywords using the Trademark Watch feature.
Events Calendar
Packed with high quality images, 900+ listings, and daily updates, sellers can track important events with the calendar feature.
Market Relevance

Top Research Tool for
Amazon Merch On-demand

Amazon sellers trust MerchNinja for tracking market trends, researching keywords, and staying ahead of their competition.
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Highlights of this Project

New Features
UX & UI Design
Payment System
Features Upgraded
New Dashboar Views