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Our client is a Venture Capital company that owns the largest ecosystem of Amazon seller tools in the world through 14+ eCommerce tools.
2+ years
10+ developers
Consulting, Development
Amazon Seller Tools
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Staff Augmentation for Amazon Software Aggregator

Our teams work as their primary tech department that designs, builds, maintains, and upgrades their Amazon seller tools and other digital products.

Problems Solved

As a VC company, our client lacked in-house tech capacity, and wanted a cost efficient yet highly competitive team of engineers to build and maintain a diverse set of software tools.

Instead of recruiting a high cost team in-house, they outsourced their tech requirements to ParticleByte, and hired our offshore remote teams.
Lack of Tech Expertise
Fragmented Solutions
Project Management

The Missing Piece

Our client needed a skilled and experienced team that could start building fast.
We fulfilled their requirement by becoming their tech arm. Our ready-to-go teams of Analysts, PMs, software engineers, and testers started work on building, maintaining, and scaling their suite of software tools.
Staff Augmentation for Amazon Software Aggregator
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Saving Money in Thousands

Hiring our teams was cost-efficient for our client, compared to the expenses they’d incur by interviewing, recruiting, and retaining employees.
work overview

Software Engineering

Key Work Areas
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System Design
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Product Research
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Quality Assurance
UX Design
Key Work Areas
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System Design
Product Research
Bug Fixing
UX Design
Key Solutions
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New Features
Improved Code
New Systems
Key Solutions
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New Features
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Improved code
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New Systems

How It Was Built

Full Stack Teams
Each augmented team from ParticleByte has software engineers, analysts, managers, designers, and testers. This made it easy for us to allocate different teams between different projects based on priority.
Standardized Processes
We used different software development methods like Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid to design, build, and scale all their tools. Our process included discovery, followed by development, cloud setup, QA & testing, and proper documentation.
Technologies Used
We work with multiple tech stacks while building their software products.
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Ruby on Rails
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What We Did

  • Consulting and Advisory
  • Full Stack Development
  • UX and UI Design
  • Cloud and System Design
  • Project Management
Amazon Integration ServiceAmazon Integration Services USA
  • Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • DevOps
  • QA and Software Testing


More Bandwidth
Working with us gave our clients the bandwidth to focus business related issues and focus on solving those problems while we worked on solving their technology problems.
Tech Capacity
We’re a technology company, which gives us access to a huge network of tech resources and skilled professionals. Our client was able to utilise our network and resources and build a roadmap for their products.

Highlights of this Project

Products Under Maintenance
Version Upgrades
Software Development Support
Year of Engagement
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